REAL SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR Consumer Management Center

Q90 Consumer Management Suite is your total Consumer Management Center management software package. It is web-based, making it easy for you to use, and only requires an internet connection. No special computer hardware or servers are required to run the software or to save your consumers' information -- all your important information is stored on our secure servers. Built to be easy to use, with just a few clicks of a mouse, you can easily track time spent with consumers, add a new consumer to the Consumer Management Center's database, run customized and standardized reports, and much more!

Product Features


Because Q90 Consumer Management Suite is a web-based solution, so you don't have to stress about managing databases. All your information is securely stored and backed up by us, for you! You and your staff don't have time to figure out how to be computer geniuses -- that's why we're here! All that is needed with Q90 Consumer Management Suite is computers with internet access. That's it. (and we won't hold it against you if you access the database in your pajamas!)


With the Q90 Consumer Management Suite time tracking tool, your entire staff can log their daily time spent by program, administrative time, and with a consumer. Most importantly, you have access to customized time tracking reports that show your entire staff's time spent with consumers or their administrative time. Another solution that makes your life easier!


Beyond tracking a consumer's basic personal information such as name, date of birth, address, etc., Q90 Consumer Management Suite allows you to write case notes about each consumer and track their goals, disabilities, and services used. Consumers can be searched for by first name, last name, city, phone number, etc. Safeguards are in place to ensure that duplicate entries don't occur and that crucial information for your federal reporting is included. You don't have to spend precious time figuring out why your numbers are incorrect!


In addition to the Federal 704 Report, Q90 Consumer Management Suite includes a rich set of general reports, to allow you to check on the number of services requested and received, goals set or met, records opened or closed, etc. It also includes the ability to create your own custom spreadsheet, including any fields you need from consumer records. You'll never have to wonder which consumers are receiving what services, or how many new I&R records were opened last month!


Many software companies charge you extra fees to access their support, and even the support you pay for is inconsistent at best. With Q90 Consumer Management Suite you get white glove support and training that makes sure your center runs at its greatest potential. Your entire staff is welcome to access live support 8-5 MST, no weird hours. We have a dedicated team that will help you solve any problem related to Q90 Consumer Management Suite. There is one more, great perk: our excellent training is NO EXTRA COST. When you first purchase Q90 Consumer Management Suite you and your staff will receive a one-on-one training session with one of our support representatives to get you started! In addition, a weekly training call takes place Thursdays at 1:00 PM MST. The call lasts about an hour and is your opportunity to ask questions and listen in to see what else you can learn about your database. This training call is available to all Q90 Consumer Management Suite users, free of charge.


The Document Center acts as a digital filing cabinet that multiple staff members can have access to. The Director can set up each staff member so that they can add or delete documents, only view documents, or not have any access to the Document Center. Additionally, each document can be set to be viewed by certain staff members based on the staff member's user authority. Documents can also be organized by topic, such as: Human Resources, Policies and Procedures, Services, etc. Since documents can be viewed at any time by users that have access to the Document Center, this feature is extremely beneficial to Satellite Center locations or when a staff member is off-site.


All information recorded through Q90 Consumer Management Suite is treated with the highest level of security. Sensitive information, such as passwords and Social Security Numbers, are encrypted to make it unreadable as it transfers from your Center to our servers via the internet. All information recorded through Q90 Consumer Management Suite is sent from the Consumer Management Center to our Primary Server. The Primary Server is located in a climate controlled data center that is guarded with multiple levels of codes and passwords, including biometric security. Backups are performed automatically multiple times a day, so that you don't have to! You will never have to worry about your database going M.I.A.


Whether it's newsletters or community service activities, or any program in between, Q90 Consumer Management Suite can track it. Assign consumers to a given program on any particular date, all your reports will reflect that data. Find out how many people signed up for the Run, Walk and Roll; send letters to everyone who donated to the Older Blind Charity; You name it, we track it.


You're only getting a small taste of the wonderful things Q90 Consumer Management Suite can do for your center: unlimited, ongoing updates (no installing on your end), the ability to make the database your own, and our migration transition services. The list could keep going on, but there is really only one way to see it all for yourself: sign up for our free, no obligation trial!